PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket Review

Cody testing his new Pupprotector blanket on the bed

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You might recall a recent post where I shared overviews of some Paw dog beds. While Paw is best known for its faux fur dog beds, they also make pet blankets, wellness products, and more. 

I got in touch with Paw to request a couple of their products for review. In return, they sent me the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket. 

In this post, I put the this throw blanket to the test with the help of Cody, the official Dogwish product tester. You can follow along as I unbox the throw blanket and Cody tries it out, evaluating it for comfort, durability, and waterproofing.

Unboxing the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket

Removing Pupprotector blanket from box

The blanket arrived in a blue box with the Paw.com logo on it. It was neatly rolled and vacuum-sealed, with the microsuede side facing outward.

Setup was effortless, of course. All I had to do was remove the blanket from its packaging and unroll it. There was no assembly required.

Spacious Comfort and Protection

The throw blanket was available in two different sizes:

  • Original: 60” L x 50” W
  • Large: 80” L x 62” W

Since Cody is a 25-pound Cockapoo, I went with the “Original” size. Suffice to say he has all the room he could want on this blanket! 

With its spacious dimensions, this throw works great on the couch, the bed, the floor, or even in the car. The blanket also had a bit of weight, which is great since it helps it stay put. 

There were also quite a few color options for this waterproof throw blanket; I chose "White" to match the PupRug Faux Fur Dog Bed that I also received to review. 

Quality Materials and Construction

Viw the top and bottom of the Pupprotector throw blanket

PupProtector thow blanket with a soft faux fur top and microsuede bottom

This waterproof dog blanket was not designed to be chew-proof; its primary purpose is to be soft and comfortable while protecting your floor or furnishings.

Nonetheless, it seems very well-made. Cody is not a destructive dog, and I think the faux fur and soft microsuede should hold up great to daily use.

Speaking of comfort, Cody loves the cozy materials. It took no time for this blanket to become his new favorite thing.

Effective Waterproofing

This dog blanket for the bed and couch features an internal waterproof lining. Thankfully, Cody isn't prone to accidents. So, I tested this feature by spilling a little water on the surface to see what would happen.

I am happy to report it did not seep through! So, you can feel confident that if your dog does have an accident on the blanket, your floor or furniture will be safe.

The blanket also does well-keeping dog hair off of other surfaces. Since I picked a color that closely matches Cody's hair, his shedding blends right into the faux fur on the blanket, which is fantastic.

Easy Cleaning

The PupProtector does a great job of keeping your pup from tracking mud onto your sofa or bed. But that means mud, hair, dirt, and debris can build up on the blanket itself. At some point, you are going to have to clean it.  

Testing this feature was easy because Cody did track some mud onto the blanket. Following the instructions, I tossed it in the washing machine on the delicate/cold cycle. After I removed it, I hung it up to dry.

I got nervous while the blanket was in the washing machine since other faux fur products I have tried to machine wash in the past got matted.

But when the throw finished drying, the fur was as soft as ever. If anything, it felt even softer than it did before. Moreover, there were no traces of mud left on the blanket. 

Does the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket shed? Mine did a little bit in the wash, but it was minimal. It is supposed to shed less over time, so I don’t see shedding becoming an issue with this blanket.


 Cody checking out his new PupProtector throw blanket on the couch

While Cody’s approval and practical considerations are what matter to me most when I am picking out dog products, how a product looks is still important.

This throw blanket for dogs is flat-out gorgeous. Draping it over your sofa or bed will make the entire room look more luxurious. 

It is certainly a far cry from the waterproof sheets some dog parents use to protect their furnishings. Those sheets are an eyesore, and their texture is about the furthest thing from comfy. 

If you replace those slippery waterproof sheets with a warm and cozy dog blanket from Paw, you'll probably end up just as happy with your decision as your doggo will be.

Cost and Value

I am not going to lie—this is a premium, high-end dog blanket with a premium, high-end price.

At the time of this writing, the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket price is $129, which is 50% off from the full price of $258.

You are getting so much more for your money than a regular dog blanket though. You are getting a product that does a fantastic job protecting your furniture and enhancing your home décor.

I have owned many dog blankets that did not live up to my expectations over the years. Some of them claimed to be waterproof but still leaked. Others fell apart in the wash.

The PupProtector lives up to its promises. It is truly waterproof, and it survived the washing machine without matting or shedding. 

Plus, I have never found a blanket as sumptuously comfortable as this one! Cody likes to burrow in it on cold nights, and I wish I could do the same! All told, this luxury dog blanket is a great value. 

If you plan to order this waterproof dog blanket, do not forget to subscribe to Paw emails. Doing so will get you a coupon for an extra 10% off your purchase.


I was unable to find warranty information directly on the site. So, I opened a chat with live support to ask what the warranty is for the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket. 

An agent named Nicole wrote back, “Hey there! You have 30 days from ordering to process a return or exchange. We have a 10-year no-flat guarantee on all of our memory foam beds.”

While it is good to know there is a window for returns, it would be nice if the company were to offer an actual warranty for the blankets like they do for the memory foam beds.

What we like

  • The PupProtector blanket is so soft and comfortable. You and your dog will love how comfy it is, especially during winter.
  • The waterproof liner effectively prevents accidents and spills from seeping through the blanket onto your furnishings or floor.
  • It is super easy to wash this blanket in your washing machine and hang it to dry. It does not mat easily if you are following the care instructions properly.
  • The material and design of the blanket are high in quality. Given that Cody is not a destructive dog, I expect this blanket to provide many years of use.
  • The look and feel of the PupProtector Throw Blanket cannot be beat. It looks so much like real fur and instantly upgrades the luxury level of any room you put it in.
  • Get rid of your unsightly waterproof furniture covers. With this soft waterproof throw blanket, you will not need them anymore.

Keep in mind

  • This blanket doesn’t shed a lot, but it does shed a bit. I only notice when I am wearing dark clothing and the hairs stick to my clothes. This isn’t a huge complaint, though, and I am hoping it happens less over time.
  • While Paw does accept returns, there is no warranty specifically for the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket.

Final Verdict

When I reached out to Paw, I was excited to see if their luxury dog products could live up to my high expectations. The PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket easily met and exceeded those expectations. It is  easier to wash and maintain than I would have guessed, and I am confident it can prevent accidents from leaking through.

While it keeps dirt off my couch or bed, it makes my furnishings look and feel more lavish. As for Cody, he can't get enough of this faux fur dog blanket. Wherever I put the blanket—whether on the couch, the bed, or the floor—you can be sure he will be there not long later to enjoy the cozy warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove dog hair from dog blankets?

You can start by shaking out the blanket. Any loose hairs should fall to the ground. If you do not feel like washing the blanket at this time, you can use a vacuum cleaner (the handheld models work perfectly).

Otherwise, put the dog blanket in your washing machine, take it out, and hang it to dry. The dog hair the washing machine removed may still be in the machine, so you might want to run an additional cycle without anything in the machine to get rid of any excess hair.

Does the PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket shed?

A small degree of shedding is to be expected with this product, as it is with others made of faux fur. The shedding should be minimal, however, and should decrease with time.

What if the PupProtector Throw Blanket does become matted?

If, by any chance, the faux fur does become matted after a cycle in the washing machine, you can detangle it and restore it using a slicker brush.

How do I get rid of bad odors from my dog’s blanket?

Washing your fur buddy's blanket should go a long way toward odor control. But if you just want to remove the smell and not put the blanket in the washing machine, you might consider a product like the Marlie Mist Pet Odor Eliminator, also available at Paw.com. It contains essential oils that are safe for your dog and restore a fresh, clean scent to your PupProtector™ dog blanket.

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