Can I feed My Dog Rambutan?

Love the sweet and sour flavor of rambutan? If so, maybe you have noticed your dog next to you wondering if they can have some too. But is it safe to do so? On the whole, yes—it is safe to feed your dog rambutan flesh in small amounts. But there is a longer answer. Below, we talk about health benefits and concerns, appropriate amounts, allergies and more.

What is Rambutan?

In case you are not yet acquainted with the rambutan joy, it is the fruit of the rambutan tree (Nephelium lappaceum) native to Southeast Asia. If you have ever eaten lychee or longan fruits, those are relatives of the rambutan fruit.

You will notice right off that rambutan fruits have an incredibly distinctive appearance. They are usually red, but sometimes are orange or yellow. Their spines are numerous and look like hair. Generally, they have a greenish color. 

When you cut open the rind to reveal the flesh, you will see it is white or light pink. The taste of the rambutan fruit is similar to that of a grape. They have been described as simultaneously sweet and sour. 

Is Rambutan Safe For Dogs?

The flesh of the rambutan fruit is safe for your dog to eat in small amounts. We did not find any reports of toxicity. However, it is not safe to feed your dog the seed or rind. 

Health Benefits of Rambutan for Dogs

Can your dog’s health benefit from eating rambutan as an occasional treat? Yes!

Rambutan fruits contain ample amounts of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, choline and folate. 

As the American Kennel Club (AKC) reports, vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can combat inflammation while supporting cognitive health. Meanwhile, B vitamins can support enzyme function, metabolism, and the regulation of hormones. Vitamin A supports your dog's vision, immune function, and more. The fiber is good for digestion, and potassium is a vital electrolyte.

Are There Concerns?

Now you know some of the ways rambutan fruits can enhance your pet’s health. But are there any health concerns?

There can be a few,  yes:

  • If your pet overeats rambutan, that will mean more sugar than is healthy.
  • The rind and seed of the rambutan are not safe for your dog.
  • Rambutan may be an allergy for some dogs.

If your dog consumes too much sugar, he will put on weight. His oral health may suffer as well. That is why it is essential to keep rambutan portions small, like any other fruit for your dog. As for the rind and seed, you should never let your dog eat them.  

How Much Rambutan Can Your Dog Eat?

Rambutan fruit in a bowl

Only around 10% of the calories your dog consumes each day should include snacks and treats. But filling that 10% with rambutan would mean giving your pet way too much sugar.

So, you should limit your dog to just a few bites of rambutan per serving. You can do this a couple of times a week.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Rambutan?

But wait—what if your dog is allergic to rambutan?

While this is not all that likely, it is certainly possible. Any food could be a potential allergen, so you need to take it slow when introducing your pet to rambutan for the first time.

Symptoms of allergic reaction to be on the lookout for include hives, indigestion, itching, facial swelling, or infections that afflict the paws or ears. 

If you discover your pet is allergic to rambutan, you should not feed him this fruit.

How to Feed Your Dog Rambutan

Wondering what the right way is to feed rambutan to your dog? Here are the steps:

1. The easiest way to take the husk off of the rambutan fruit is to split it in half with a knife and then remove the fruit. Throw the husk away, so your dog does not find it.

2. Next, remove the seed from the rambutan fruit. Throw that away as well, making sure that your dog cannot get at it.

3. Give a small piece of rambutan to your pet. 

If this is your first time feeding rambutan to your dog, wait and see how he reacts. Does he like it? Does it seem to be bothering him in any way?

If your dog does well with his first bite of rambutan, you can give him a few more the next time you share the fruit with him.

Conclusion: Dogs Can Safely Eat Small Amounts of Rambutan Fruit

We have now established that small amounts of rambutan fruit a couple times a week can be safe and healthy for your dog.

Just remember that your pet should never eat the husk or seed. Only the flesh of the fruit is safe. Enjoy sharing this sweet and sour experience with your pet!

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