Why Does My Chihuahua Shake?

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Do you own a pet Chihuahua that is always shivering and trembling? As a pet parent, your cute little Chihuahua shaking all the time can get you worried. Your mind might be plagued with questions such as - have I done something wrong to make my Chihuahua shake so much? 

Even though your Chihuahua shivering can be pretty scary, having the proper knowledge to act instantly and take the necessary precautions can be a life-saver for your pet. As to why this breed shakes so much, there are a couple of reasons behind it. First, even though these little cuties have a reputation in the animal world for being nervous animals, they don’t normally shake unless they are stressed out or cold. 

If you notice that your Chihuahua has been shaking for a while, it's probably time to check your pet's surroundings. The only way to get the Chihuahua trembling under control is by giving them the love and attention they deserve and providing them with a healthy environment to grow in.

5 Reasons Behind Chihuahua Shaking

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Many reasons could be attributed to Chihuahua shaking. These include high body metabolism, low blood sugar levels, and feeling cold, upset, excited, or nervous. Medical reasons behind Chihuahua shaking could be an allergy, suffering from a generalized tremor syndrome, or an unwanted injury. 

To prevent your Chihuahua from shaking, it is essential to figure out its cause and act accordingly. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why do Chihuahuas shake so much? 

1. Your Chihuahua Is Just Feeling Cold 

Chihuahuas are considered one of the tiniest dogs in the animal world. Because they're so small, they do not have enough body fat to tolerate the cold. So one of the primary reasons your Chihuahua is shivering and trembling is he's feeling cold. 

To protect their little body from cold temperatures, some dog owners prefer to buy jackets, jumpers, and other clothing items to keep their Chihuahua warm. Plus, it's also great to show off your dog's personality and turn them into little fashion influencers. 

When you feel like the environment around your Chihuahua, whether inside or outside your home, is a little cold, take note of your Chihuahua's behavior. If you notice your doggo shivering, warm him up with a sweater or blanket as soon as possible to help him feel comfortable. 

To keep your pup feeling warm, you can hug them, hold them in your arms, and use your body temperature to warm them up. If it's raining outside and your Chihuahua gets wet, ensure that you dry him with a towel and blow-dry his hair immediately.

2. Your Chihuahua Has A High Metabolism Rate

Again, owing to their small body and stomach size, Chihuahua's metabolism burns calories much faster than other large dog breeds. Since these dogs have a naturally high metabolism, you may start to notice your Chihuahua shake when he's excited or anxious.

Furthermore, due to their high metabolic rate, Chihuahuas also burn off their body heat quickly. This can make your little one feel cold and cause him to shiver. Remember that just because you don't feel cold doesn't mean that your Chihuahua is warm and cozy.

3. Your Dog Is Feeling Anxious

Another important reason why this breed shakes is that they're scared or anxious. Chihuahuas react emotionally to how they're treated, just like humans. If you scold them for something they've done, you'll notice that they start to shake because they can sense that you're angry at them. 

Even though disciplining your dog is necessary, don't try to be too hard on these little ones! Chihuahuas can sense even the most minute change in the emotional dynamics between them and their dog owner. They can even read your facial expressions or gestures to conclude that you're not happy with them. 

If your little fur ball is having episodes of shaking and shivering and you can sense that they're anxious, make sure that you make him feel loved. If your Chihuahua fears being alone, try getting them acclimated to staying alone at home. Star slow by leaving him at home all by himself for a few minutes every day, then gradually increasing the duration of the separation.

4. Generalized Tremor Syndrome 

This syndrome isn’t just specific to a Chihuahua but is present in all types of dog breeds. This is also known in medicine as steroid-responsive tremor syndrome. However, it can be tricky to diagnose this syndrome because it mimics the symptoms of anxiety and fear, that is - Chihuahua shaking. 

This condition primarily affects pups aged nine months to two years and can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Just ensure that when you visit your nearest veterinarian, you give them a complete history of the symptoms your dog has been experiencing for a better diagnosis.

5. Hypoglycemia

You will also notice your Chihuahua shaking if he has low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Identifying hypoglycemia at an early stage is crucial because it can lead to seizures and even death in extreme cases. However, if your dog has a mild case of hypoglycemia, then you'll notice them shaking. 

This can proceed to confusion, feeling drowsy, and ultimately fainting. To protect your dog from the harmful effects of hypoglycemia, try to give your dog smaller meal portions and have their meals spread out throughout the day. For example, instead of restricting their diet to two large meals a day, try feeding them 3-5 smaller meals.

The Bottom Line

If you were thinking about why Chihuahuas shake so much, then we hope this article has solved this mystery. For the most part, Chihuahua shaking or Chihuahua shivering or trembling is nothing to worry about and is primarily a psychological response. However, it's best to take your dog to a veterinarian if it turns into chronic behavior.

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