Yorkie Husky Mix “Yorksky” Guide

Cute Yorksky stretched out in grass field

The Yorkie Husky Mix is a dog that unites the high energy of the Yorkshire Terrier with the intelligence of the Siberian Husky. In this guide, we will introduce you to this crossbreed’s physical characteristics, personality, and care needs. That way, you can decide whether the “Yorksky” is the perfect canine companion for you. Let’s jump in.

The parent breeds of the Yorkie Husky Mix could not look less similar! The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog with a wolf-like appearance. Famous as a sled dog, this breed is a smart, dedicated, hard worker.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” is a small dog with long facial hair and a range of possible coat colors, most commonly black and tan or blue and gold. Energetic, bold, and curious, a Yorkie will value time spent socializing and training.

It might be hard to picture a mix of these breeds, but you will discover that the Yorksky is an adorable and intelligent companion that unites the best characteristics of its parents.

Yorkie Husky Mix Traits

Height13-18 inches
Weight20-35 pounds
Barking levelHigh
Energy levelHigh
SheddingModerate to high
Coat colorsBlack, white, red, gray, tan (varies)
PersonalityFriendly, loyal, energetic, social
Easy to trainHigh
Lifespan13-16 years

Fun Facts About the Yorkie Husky Mix

  • Both the parent breeds of the Yorkie Husky Mix are working dogs. Siberian huskies pulled sleds, and Yorkshire Terriers hunted rats.
  • You will see amazing variety in the coats of Yorksky dogs. One thing these hybrids have in common though is that they are all equally adorable.

Yorksky Appearance

The size and appearance of the Yorksky can vary dramatically from one pet to another. Given how different Siberian Huskies and Yorkshire Terriers look, this comes as no surprise. 

On average, a Yorksky will measure 13-18 inches in height and weigh 20-35 pounds. These dogs usually have moderately long muzzles, scissor bites, upright ears, and double coats that lean toward the long side.

Depending on which genes end up expressing, a Yorksky’s coat could be white, red, gray, tan, black, or a combination of colors. So, if you are working with a dog breeder, be aware that you will have a hard time guessing what your pet will look like until he is born. 

If you are picky about your Yorksky's appearance, consider adopting. Many of these lively, hardworking dogs are still waiting in shelters to find their forever homes.

Yorksky Temperament

While Siberian Huskies and Yorkshire Terriers may look quite different, they have some personality traits in common. So, there is much more consistency in the temperaments of Yorkie Huskies than there is in their appearances.

This is a curious and energetic crossbreed that loves to play and train. Are you athletically inclined? Your Yorksky probably will be too. You will have a blast working out together.

The high intelligence of both parent breeds makes it easy to train the Yorkie Husky Mix. That being said, the Yorksky can certainly have ideas of his own, especially when you are outdoors. Remember, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to hunt rats. So, if you do not have your pet on a leash, you can expect him to run after other animals. 

Good training can help reduce this behavior, but so can ensuring that your dog is always on a leash when not safely in your backyard.

Yorkie Husky Mix Care Guide

Now you know what the appearance and personality of the Yorksky are like. But is this an easy crossbreed to take care of? Let’s find out.

Health Needs

Great news—Yorkie Huskies are known to be healthy dogs. On average, they live anywhere from 13 to 16 years. You should, however, be alert to specific health conditions that can affect the crossbreed. Some issues to be on the lookout for include obesity, dental problems, skin allergies, hip dysplasia, eye issues, cancer, and heart disease.

Providing your pet with healthy food, lots of exercise, and regular medical checkups will help to ensure that he lives a long, healthy life.

Exercise Needs

These active dogs need plenty of daily exercise, so you need time to walk and play with them. Not only do they need to burn lots of energy each day, but they also require mental stimulation. Puzzle toys are an excellent option since they can take care of both of these needs at once.

Is the Yorksky a Loud Dog?

Both Yorkies and Siberian Huskies can make a tremendous amount of noise when they want to. So, it should not surprise you that the mix of these two breeds can also be pretty noisy.

Cost of Owning a Yorkie Husky

If you purchase a Yorkie Husky puppy, the cost will likely range somewhere from around $700 to $1,300. Most estimates we have seen for the average lifetime cost of owning either of the parent breeds are around $20,000-$25,000. 

That means you can probably expect a similar cost for a Yorkie Husky. Before adopting a Yorksky, make sure you are ready for the financial responsibility of owning a dog.

Do Yorkie Huskies Make Good Family Dogs?

The parent breeds of the Yorksky are both good with children, so they can make a great addition to the family. The Yorkshire Terrier is not great with other dogs, but not terrible either. Thankfully, the Siberian Husky is good with other dogs, so on the whole, that is true for many Yorkie Husky Mixes.

Will your Yorksky be able to protect your family? That is probably going to depend on your pet's individual personality. Yorkshire Terriers are excellent watchdogs, ready to sound the alert loud and clear in case of intruders. This is not an area where Huskies excel, however. So it depends on whether your Yorksky has the protective nature of his Yorkie parent or the more laid-back personality of his Husky parent.

Is a Yorkie Husky Mix Right for You?

Whether the Yorksky is the right fit for you depends on your personality, day-to-day activities, and how much time and attention you have available.

If you love running, hiking, and other outdoor activities, living with a Yorksky can mean a match made in heaven. Your dog will get the exercise he needs each day, and you will have company during the athletic activities you enjoy.

But you need to be ready also to spend significant time grooming your dog, and you have to be okay with loud barking. Like the idea of a Yorksky, but looking for a dog with an even more diminutive build? If you live in a tiny house or a small apartment, you might consider the Yorkie Pom Mix instead.

Pros and Cons of Yorkie Huskies

Let's sum up what we have learned by going over some of the advantages and drawbacks of Yorkie Huskies.


  • Thanks to the diverse expression of genetics among Yorkie Husky Mixes, no two Yorksky dogs look alike.
  • The Yorksky is good with children and can make a wonderful family pet.
  • The energetic, fun-loving nature of the Yorkie Husky makes this dog an ideal companion for someone who shares that playful personality.
  • This hybrid breed tends to be healthy and relatively easy to care for.
  • With its high intelligence, this breed is a delight to train.


  • Grooming a Yorksky can sometimes feel like a full-time job, especially if your pet's coat most strongly resembles that of a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • A Yorksky can be a bit on the loud side. Then again, that can be a plus if you are looking for a watchdog.

The Bottom Line

Yorkie Huskies are playful, curious, intelligent dogs. Their boundless energy is matched only by their cuteness and dedication to their owners. 

A Yorksky ican complement your active lifestyle, and get along well with everyone in the household, kids included. If you are ready to bring home a Yorkie Husky Mix today, get in contact with your local animal shelters. Before long, you could be exercising and playing with your new companion. 

Featured photo credit: frankie.wanders

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