5 Best Dog Beds for Rottweilers

Rottweiler curled up on dog bed

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Rottweilers love to work hard and play hard—but they also need their rest. Are you trying to find your Rottie the perfect dog bed? 

In this guide, we will share overviews with you of some top recommended Rottweiler beds. But before we jump into those overviews, we will help you figure out what to look for in a bed for your dog. We also will talk about why it is so important to pick the most suitable Rottweiler bed. 

The Benefits of Buying the Right Dog Bed for Your Rottie

Giving your Rottweiler the ideal spot to relax helps you to protect his health and wellbeing.

  • Your Rottie will love retreating to the safety and comfort of his dog bed when he is tired or anxious.
  • By providing your Rottweiler with a comfortable bed that caters to his preferred sleeping position, you will ensure he sleeps soundly and enjoys all the benefits for wellness that go with adequate rest.
  • If your dog’s bones and joints need extra support, the right bed will help to reduce discomfort and enhance function.

Key Buying Considerations for Dog Beds for Rottweilers

Rottweiler standing alert in a grass field

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a bed for your Rottweiler


First of all, you need to make sure the dog bed you purchase for your Rottie is the right size.

The American Rottweiler Club gives the following measurements:

  • Male Rottweilers: 24 inches to 27 inches
  • Female Rottweilers: 22 inches to 25 inches

This makes Rottweilers medium to large in size.


Some Rottweilers really get into chewing. If yours has a destructive streak, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing a bed that will stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

Pay attention both to the materials used and the overall construction (i.e. the durability of the seams). A hidden zipper is another nice feature.

Easy to Clean

According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers usually are moderate shedders, but when spring and autumn roll around, this breed sheds “profusely.”

So, you should look for a dog bed that will be easy to clean. That way, you can remove dander and fur easily. Plus, your pet probably is going to play outside and track in dirt. That will end up getting on his dog bed as well.

Along with dirt, your dog might track in water if the ground outside is damp, or if he was out in the rain. A water-resistant dog bed may be worth investing in if this is a regular feature of your climate. And even if it isn’t, water resistance can make it easy to clean up spills of all kinds and prevent stains. Moreover, water resistance prevents spills from leaking through the bed's cover to the mattress.

Many dog beds have removable covers that you can throw in the washing machine, but not all mattresses can be washed. So, this protection is important, as it will help preserve the lifespan of the mattress. 

Support for Joints

Rottweilers may experience problems with their joints. The Universities Federation of Animal Welfare explains, for example, “Rottweilers are predisposed to a developmental abnormality of the cartilage of the hock (ankle) joint – osteochondritis – that causes pain and which usually leads to osteoarthritis of the joint.”

Giving another example, the site states, “Fragmented medial coronoid [elbow dysplasia] process is a common disease of Rottweilers and may affect about a third to a half of them.”

If your dog may be developing joint problems, you may want to consider investing in an orthopedic dog bed. 

Such a bed will improve alignment and offer superior support and comfort for joints.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for an orthopedic mattress or not, you should make sure that the base is at least a few inches thick to provide adequate cushioning. Rottweilers can be heavy. 

Sleeping Posture

Different Rotties have different preferences for how they sleep. One dog might like to sprawl out, while another may prefer curling up into a ball. Choose a bed that supports the sleeping style that your pet prefers. 

If you are not sure what that is, you might try paying attention to where and how your dog is currently sleeping for some hints.


Purchasing a dog bed that is hypoallergenic for your Rottie is a wise move in general, but it is essential if you know your pet has allergies.  


Last but not least, the cost is always an important consideration when you are shopping for any supplies for your pet.

While the cheapest dog bed is not necessarily going to offer the features and quality your Rottweiler needs, the most expensive dog bed may not be the best option either.

Instead, we suggest that you look for a dog bed that will provide you with the best quality relative to the price. Focus on shopping for value. 

Top Dog Beds for Rottweilers

Now that you know what to look for in a dog bed for a Rottweiler, let’s take a look at some of the top options available right now. 

  • Barkbox Memory Foam - Best Mattress-Style for Sprawling
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief (X-Large, Grey)

Have a dog that loves to sprawl out? Your Rottweiler will love the Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed. We selected the X-Large (41" x 29" x4”) Memory Foam version of this product, but you can size up or down if you need to. You can also choose chipped memory foam if you prefer. 

What is the difference between the two? Customer service explains, “That is a great question! Chipped memory is in smaller pieces instead of one solid piece, this [allows] the bed to conform around your pup as they find a good position to lay on it.”

So, if you want a version that offers extra comfort for your dog in every position, it might be worth it to upgrade to the chipped foam version. Otherwise, you can go with the regular foam. Memory foam does a great job of conforming and offering support as it is, so either version should be very comfy for your pet. 

Why we chose it

Quality Support – This dog mattress is made of therapeutic gel memory foam and provides ample support for your pet's joints. 

Easy to Wash – Spills and stains won’t stand a chance with this water-resistant product. You can wipe it clean easily, and if necessary, you can unzip the cover, pull it off, and put it in your washing machine. 

Choose Your Color – You can pick from various colors and patterns, most of which are neutral grays or tans. Navy, green, stripes, and plaid are also available. Any of these should complement most interior décor nicely. 

Great Customer Service – The company that manufactures this product is reliable and helpful. If you have questions or need assistance, it should be easy for you to get the support you are looking for. 

Keep in mind

May Not Be as Thick As it Looks – The photo of the dog bed on the product page suggests that the mattress is thicker than it actually is. Make sure you are going by the actual measurement and not the photo. Also, keep in mind that your dog's weight will compress the mattress a bit. 

  • Furhaven Sofa - Best Sofa Style
Furhaven Pet Dog Bed - Orthopedic Faux Fleece and Chenille Soft Woven Traditional Sofa-Style Living Room Couch Pet Bed with Removable Cover for Dogs and Cats, Cream, Jumbo

If your Rottie likes to fall asleep next to you on the couch while you are watching TV, a sofa-style dog bed like the Furhaven may be ideal. We chose the Jumbo size, measuring 44" x 35" x 8", featuring 4” foam and a 32” x 29” sleeping surface. You can size down to Large or up to Jumbo Plus if you need to. We picked the orthopedic foam version, but you can also choose cooling gel foam or memory foam. 

Why we chose it

Versatile Design – The bed is shaped like a sofa with three bolsters. Your dog has enough room to spread out if necessary but can also curl up into one of the corners if he prefers. If he needs support for his head, the bolsters should be at an ideal height. So, regardless of his preferred sleeping style, it should be a good fit (as well as a good fit for dogs that regularly change positions).  

Plenty of Support – Your pet’s joints will get the cushioning they need for comfortable, healthy rest with the egg crate orthopedic foam. The bolsters also can help to keep your dog’s joints aligned. 

Numerous Color Options – There are many color choices for this dog bed so that you can pick the perfect match for your décor.

Machine Washable Cover – You can remove the bed's cover and put it in the washing machine when necessary.  

Keep in mind

Construction Could Be Better – The threads are not as tight as they could be on this product, nor as strong as we would like. If your dog does a lot of scratching or gnawing, there is a chance this bed will not hold up for very long.

  • Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed - Best L-Shaped Bed
Furhaven Pet Dog Bed - Deluxe Orthopedic Plush Faux Fur and Velvet L Shaped Chaise Lounge Living Room Corner Couch Pet Bed with Removable Cover for Dogs and Cats, Deep Sapphire, Jumbo

Our next recommended bed for Rottweilers is the Furhaven Pet - Southwest Bohemian Kilim Dog Bed. This bed has a design that is similar to the one above, except that it has two bolsters instead of three. The version we chose measures 44" x 35" x 8" and features 4” foam and a 38” x 29” sleeping surface. Once again, you can choose orthopedic foam (our recommendation), cooling gel foam, or memory foam. 

While this bed is a lot like the Furhaven Pet - Two-Tone Orthopedic L Shaped Corner Sofa Dog Bed, it may be a better option for dogs that like to sprawl. One less bolster gives your pet a bit more room to spread out, but the remaining two bolsters provide the cozy support he may need for his head or to curl up now and again.

Why we chose it

Excellent Support –  Dogs that need extra cushioning for their joints will appreciate the egg crate orthopedic foam. Your dog can get the support he needs to align his spine by resting his head on one of the bolsters. 

Soft Sleeping Surface – The bed's surface features faux fur for a comfy, plush resting place. You can choose from a few different colors and patterns.

Washable Cover – You can remove the cover from the dog bed and throw it in your washing machine to get it clean. 

Keep in mind

Not the Most Durable Dog Bed – As with the Furhaven Pet - Two-Tone Orthopedic L Shaped Corner Sofa Dog Bed, this bed doesn't feature the most rugged construction. So, this is not a suitable choice for dogs that like to chew or tear at their beds.

  • K9 BallisticsBest Chew-Proof Rottweiler Bed
K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed X-Large Nearly Indestructible & Chew Proof, Washable Ortho Pillow for Chewing Puppy - for X-Large Dogs 54"x38", Blue

Does your Rottweiler go crazy chewing and clawing at his bed each night? Then you need a bed that is tough enough to stand up to all that abuse. You will want to consider the K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed. We recommend going with the X-Large size, which measures 54” x 38” x 5”. 

Why we chose it

Extremely Durable – The cover of this dog bed is made of rip-stop ballistic fabric. Dogs have a hard time tearing apart this kind of material. The zipper is hidden, so your dog cannot get at it to pull open the cover (or destroy the zipper). 

Great Thickness and Amazing Support – You might have noticed that the mattress is 5” thick. That is thicker than a lot of other dog mattresses. The orthopedic foam does a great job of holding its shape even with your dog's full weight on it. Moreover, it is CertiPUR-USA Foam, so it is also eco-friendly, which is nice. 

Easy to Clean – The water-resistant cover does a great job protecting the mattress. Usually, it doesn't take more than a quick wipe-down to clean it off, but if you need to put it in the washing machine, you can. Run the cold cycle, and then leave it out to dry (don't put it in the dryer). 

Keep in mind

Not Indestructible – Most dogs will have a hard time chewing through this bed. That being said, a determined enough dog with strong enough jaws will be able to damage this bed (or any other). No dog bed is entirely bite-proof, but you should find this one holds up better than most.

  • Majestic BagelBest Rottweiler Bed to Curl Up
52 inch Burgundy Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Does your Rottie prefer curling up rather than sprawling out? Then you will want to consider the Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed. We suggest ordering the 52-inch version for your Rottweiler, which measures 52"L x 36"W on the outside and 46"L x 30"W on the inside with a 14” bolster and a 10” cushion. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to find the ideal match for your interior. 

Why we chose it

Waterproof Base – The bed’s waterproof 300/600 Denier base protects the interior from spills. You can usually wipe it clean without needing to throw it in the wash. 

Machine Washable – You cannot remove the cover, but you don’t have to, as the entire bed is machine-washable. In fact, you might find it faster and easier to wash the whole bed than to struggle to pull a cover off to wash and then stuff a mattress back inside (a common complaint with the K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed). You also can put it in your dryer rather than waiting around for it to air-dry. 

Cozy and Supportive – The bagel shape of this bed is ideal for dogs that like to curl up, while the bolsters offer neck and head support for spinal alignment. The inside of the bed features Premium High Loft Polyester Fil.

Keep in mind

You Need an Oversized Washer – While it is convenient that the entire dog bed is washable, you need an oversized washer to clean it. You will have a hard time trying to stuff it into many average-sized washing machines. You cannot remove the cover, either, so the only alternative would be to scrub the cover by hand and/or wash the entire bed by hand in a large basin.


That concludes our list of the top recommended dog beds for Rottweilers. Whatever your dog's preferred sleeping style and needs, there should be at least one bed on this list that will provide a suitable resting place. Click on any of the links in this article to get the ideal dog bed for your Rottie now, and look forward to giving him the gift of peaceful, restorative slumber.

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