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Big Dog on a PupRug Faux bed

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When you purchase a bed for your dog, you are mainly thinking of him. You want your loyal companion to have a spot all his own to relax with the support he needs for restful sleep. But let’s face it—you are also thinking about you. Your dog’s bed is going to be a pretty prominent feature in your living space, and you want it to look nice. 

With most types of dog beds, the best you can hope for is to find something unobtrusive that matches your color scheme. But with a Paw faux fur dog bed, you can get a bed for your pet that actually adds to your home décor. 

In this post, we will introduce you to some Paw dog beds that you are going to love. But first, let’s explore a little bit more about this company and what makes its products so unique.

About Paw Dog Beds

Paw is a company that specializes in faux fur dog beds. They look like real fur rugs for your floor, and are even available with animal or sports prints. These products bring a luxurious look to your home that you would want even if you didn’t have a dog.

Nevertheless, they feature the comfort, softness, toughness and support that your pet needs.

According to, “We design high-quality dog beds with home decor in mind. Every dog bed and product that we put out is an original in-house design. They’re rigorously tested by dogs (and humans) and the materials are selected ourselves.”

As the company conducts its tests, it revisits the design process, iteratively adjusting as needed to perfect every product before release.

5 Paw Dog Beds to Consider

Now that you know a bit more about the Paw dog bed brand, we can take a look at a few top recommended products. 

1. PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed - Original Faux Fur

Golden Retriever restingon PupRug Faux Dog Bed

Among the most popular products from are the PupRug faux fur dog beds. For the pet that needs extra joint support, consider the PupRug Faux Fur Dog Bed. You can order this beautiful bed in the following sizes:

Small/Medium (40” L x 25” W)
Large/Extra Large (50” L x 30” W)
Giant (60” L x 35” W)

You can also choose from a range of different colors, including White, Charcoal Gray, Sable Tan, Midnight Black, Polar White, Brown, Blush Pink, Green Buffalo Plaid, Blue Buffalo Plaid and Red Buffalo Plaid. 


  • Whichever color you choose, this product is absolutely gorgeous! It will bring a feeling of cozy comfort to any room you put it in. You will love it as much as your pet does.
  • The memory foam can support your dog’s joints, helping him to rest comfortably and maintain his health. What is more, it does a phenomenal job holding its shape. In fact, Paw guarantees that it will not flatten for a decade!
  • There is a waterproof memory foam liner to protect the interior from accidents.

Things to Consider

  • Without proper care, you might end up with some matting. But that is par the course with a faux fur product like this. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by Paw for cleaning the cover.
  • Some dogs may not take to the PupRug faux fur dog bed. Make sure that your pet will like the texture of faux fur before investing in this type of bed. Most dogs will love it.

2. PupRug Animal Print Memory Foam Dog Bed - Animal Prints

Border Collie resting on Puprug animal print dog bed

If you want to take it a step further to really capture the look of real fur or hide, you might want to look at the PupRug Animal Print Memory Foam Dog Bed - Animal Prints collection. 

This product is available in two different sizes:

Junior (40” L x 35” W)
Original (55” L x 50” W)

Style options you can choose from include Brown Cowhide, Black and White Cowhide, Polar, Cheetah, Tiger, and Zebra. Of all of these, we think the Brown PupRug Cowhide one has the most realistic appearance, or maybe the Polar one. But they are all amazing.


  • Bring a realistic faux fur look to your home with these animal prints.
  • As with the PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed, this bed also contains orthopedic memory foam for optimum joint support.
  • Once again, it is easy to remove and wash the cover. Follow the care instructions to the letter and your faux fur dog bed should continue to look amazing for many years.

Things to Consider

  • There can be a degree of shedding with this and other faux fur dog beds. Taking gentle care of your dog bed when you wash the cover will probably reduce this issue.

3. PupRug Runner Faux Fur Memory Foam Dog Bed – Runners

If you are looking for a faux fur dog bed that features long, narrow dimensions, you might like the PupRug Runner Faux Fur Memory Foam Dog Bed. This is a one size product measuring 72” L x 28” W. There are two styles to choose from: straight or curved (wavy) edges. 


  • The shape and size of this product make it ideal for placing at the foot of your bed, in front of your sofa, etc.
  • This product shares the orthopedic memory foam interior of those we recommended above. Your dog will appreciate the excellent support.
  • You can remove the cover to throw in your washing machine for easy cleaning.

Things to Consider

  • At the time of this writing, it appears that White is the only color option for the PupRug Runner Faux Fur Memory Foam Dog Bed.

4. PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed - Paw Sports Beds

Corgi on his football dog bed

Sports fans, rejoice! If you and your dog love lounging around together watching games, your pet can do it in style with the PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Here are the options available:

Football: This PupRug dog bed looks like a football, and measures 50” L x 30” W.
Basketball: This basketball design measures 40” L x 40” W.
Baseball: The baseball design also measures 40” L x 40” W.
Soccer: The soccer ball design measures 40” L x 40” W.
Tennis: The tennis ball design measures 40” L x 40” W.


  • You are going to adore these sports-themed designs. There is no better way to celebrate your love of sports and your pet at the same time with one fantastic purchase.
  • This product boasts the same benefits as the others we have shared, including supportive orthopedic memory foam, and a removable cover you can wash with ease.

Things to Consider

  • Larger dogs might not have enough room to spread out on these beds

5. PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper

Finally, if your pet prefers more of a cozy nest and the chance to prop up his head, you will want to get him the PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper. As the name suggests, this product features two components: the memory foam bolster bed itself, and the faux fur topper. Available sizes include:

Small (25” L x 20” W x 6” H)
Medium/Large (36” L x 28” W x 9” H)
X-Large (44” L x 34” W x 10” H)
Giant (50” L x 40” W x 10” H)

What is really cool is that you can instantly transform the entire look of this dog bed just by switching out one topper with another. You can buy individual interchangeable toppers from They are very reasonably priced, so you may want to pick up several.


  • You can wash the dog bed cover as well as the topper in your washing machine.
  • The memory foam in this dog bed will keep your pet comfortable and help align joints for healthy rest.
  • The interchangeable covers make it easy to freshen up your home décor and/or replace a cover that has become worn or matted.

Things to Consider

  • There may be some minor quality control issues, as sometimes the size and thickness of the foam seems to vary from one unit to the next.

Get a Cozy Paw Dog Bed for Your Pet

That’s a wrap on our Paw PupRug reviews. We hope that you enjoyed checking out all the cozy, luxurious, and beautiful dog beds we recommend. 

It’s time to stop forcing yourself to choose between your dog’s comfort and your style. You can have both! Whichever of these products you get, you and your pet will be equally happy with your dog bed. To order now, click any of the links in this post. 

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