Top 6 Pomeranian Dog Beds

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The Pomeranian is a small dog with a big personality. While your adorable little companion will spend a lot of time playing and socializing, he also will need a comfortable, snuggly place to rest. To make sure he gets the best possible sleep, you will need to find him the right dog bed.

This guide will help you choose the bed that is a fit for your Pom. We will share overviews of several top products with you. But first, let's talk about why finding your Pomeranian the ideal bed is important and what features you should consider when comparing different beds on the market.

Benefits of a dog bed for your Pomeranian

The quality of your Pom's bed will determine a lot about how comfortable his sleep is. With a high-quality mattress your pet loves, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • Your Pomeranian will have proper support for his joints, helping to maintain their alignment.
  • Your Pom will be able to sleep in the most relaxing position to him and will find his bed to be a place of safety and comfort.
  • You’ll have an easy time cleaning and maintaining the dog bed.

Things to consider when buying a dog bed for your Pomeranian

Now that you know why it is important to choose the right dog bed for your pet, let's look at some considerations to help you pick the right one.


A good starting point in choosing a bed appropriate for your Pomeranian is to think about dimensions. The American Kennel Club  lists the following as typical heights and weights for this dog breed:

Height: 6-7 inches 
Weight: 3-7 pounds

This makes it a toy dog breed. As a result, you will need a small dog bed for your pet. Note that if you have a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, any dog beds in this list should also be suitable for your pet. Yorkie Poms are also toy dogs, ranging in height from around 6-12 inches and weighing roughly what Pomeranians do. 


Pomeranians can sometimes chew destructively and may damage dog beds that are not made out of sturdy materials. If your dog chews a lot, invest in a bed designed for wear and tear that features robust seams.

Ease of Cleaning

An adult Pomeranian sheds at a moderate-to-high rate. While the shedding is not excessive, it may seem that way. Poms grow beautiful, long fur, so it can add up to a lot of volume, and it can make surfaces in your household look pretty messy.

Also, if you happen to have a Pom puppy, there is a point where your pet will shed his puppy coat so he can transition to his adult fur. Shedding at that stage can be pretty dramatic. 

In addition to hair, dog beds also accumulate other debris and dirt, and mud from outside. Like other dogs, Poms also sometimes have accidents in their beds. 

For those reasons, it is essential to choose a dog bed for your Pomeranian that is easy to clean. 

Check for these features:

  • A water-resistant lining to protect the mattress of the bed from accidents and spills.
  • A stain-resistant cover that you can wipe down effectively.
  • A cover you can remove and put in your washing machine and dryer.
  • A fully washable bed (this isn't a must, but it may be nice to be able to put the mattress in your washing machine as well).

Joint Support

According to the Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital, “A number of different musculoskeletal problems have been reported in Pomeranians. While it may seem overwhelming, each condition can be diagnosed and treated to prevent undue pain and suffering.”

Indeed, providing your Pom with an orthopedic dog bed is a great way to help prevent or manage musculoskeletal conditions. 

These beds feature materials like memory foam or orthopedic foam and may be thicker than other dog beds to provide extra support. Bolsters are also useful if your dog wants to rest his head on something to align his spine.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Does your Pom have allergies? If so, make sure that you invest in a hypoallergenic dog bed that will not exacerbate them.


Some Pomeranians like to sleep curled up in a ball. Others prefer sleeping on their sides or even on their backs. Dog beds come in a wide variety of configurations. So, pick a design that will be compatible with your Pomeranian’s preferred sleeping posture. 


How much it costs to buy a dog bed for Pomeranians is one more factor when shopping. You do not need to empty your bank account to purchase a high-quality dog bed, but the least expensive dog beds may not feature the level of quality you are looking for.

When putting our list together, we looked for beds that would be affordable to most buyers but which would also provide excellent comfort, convenience, and longevity. In short, we shopped for value, making it easy for you to do the same. 

Pomeranian dog outdoors standing next to blue fence

Top Dog Beds for Pomeranians

You are now familiar with key considerations when shopping for a dog bed for the Pomeranian breed. Let's check out some of the top products that are out there for this toy dog.

Best Sofa-Style Bed for Pomeranians

FurHaven Velvet Waves

If you are looking for a sofa-style dog bed for your Pom, you might want to consider the FurHaven Velvet Waves Orthopedic Sofa. This bed comes in several sizes; the "small" measuring 20 x 15 x 7 inches should provide the ideal snug spot for your Pom to curl up and get comfortable. Another selling point for this product is its price, which is budget-friendly.

Why we chose it

Cozy Design – This is a sofa-style bed with bolsters that wrap around to the front but leave a gap that makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of bed. In the small size suitable for toy breeds like Poms, this bed is almost like a donut. The bed's surface and the interior edges of the bolsters are upholstered in faux fur for impressive comfort. 

Supports Your Pet’s Joints – The dog bed base is made of orthopedic foam, providing the support your pet needs for comfortable, healthy rest. He can lay his head on any of the bolsters or curl up against them. 

Easy to Wash – You can unzip the cover and remove it completely to wash it in your washing machine. 

Keep in mind

There May Be Construction Issues – Sometimes the inside seam may not hold up as well as it could in the washing machine. So, there might be some quality control issues there. But this does not seem to be a problem with the majority of these beds.

Best Elevated Dog Bed for Pomeranians

K&H Pet Products

K&H Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

Need a breathable bed to keep your Pomeranian cool and comfortable in hot weather? The K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed in the “medium” size is our recommendation in this category. Measuring 25 x 32 x 7 inches, it features a mesh cot on a metal frame, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Why we chose it

Portable and Fast and Easy to Set Up – This product is designed to be used anywhere you might need it. So, it can collapse for easy transport, and then you can set it up where your pet will be hanging out. You do not need any tools to assemble it, making it a convenient option in your home, out in your backyard, or even on vacation. 

Features Removable Bolsters for Versatile Comfort – The bed comes with a bolster that wraps around three sides of the bed. It is removable, so you can use it if your pet likes it or remove it if he prefers a more open configuration. 

Quality, Rugged Materials – This bed should last a long time even exposed to the elements, thanks to its heavy denier fabric. Not only that, but the rugged mesh ensures that your dog's weight will not compromise the elevated design. Additionally, this product is resistant to moisture, mold, bacteria, mildew, and odors, making it great for use outdoors.

Keep in mind

May Develop Rips – While most of these beds seem to be very rugged, it is not unheard of for the corner stitching to rip after a couple of months. Thankfully, most units seem unaffected by this flaw. 

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Pomeranians

Frisco Plush

Frisco Plush Orthopedic

If your pet’s joints and bones need extra support, one excellent option to consider is the Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster. We suggest buying this product in the smallest size available. In terms of its overall design, it is similar to the FurHaven Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort Orthopedic Sofa, though it is a more “premium” option. Nevertheless, it is still quite affordable.

Why we chose it

Comfortable Support – This bed combines 3 inches of slab foam with 1 inch of memory foam for a surface that offers superior support. Dogs that need to keep their spines aligned and their joints cushioned will love the comfortable design. The plush poly-fill bolster offers support for your dog’s head if he wants to prop it up. 

Easy to Clean the Cover – To clean the cover, simply remove it and put it in your washing machine. 

Quality Materials and Construction – This is a well-constructed bed featuring strong materials (mostly—see the note below), and it should offer great longevity if you take care of it.

Keep in mind

Thin Lining – This bed’s lining is a little on the flimsy side. So, if your pet likes to chew or scratch, it might not be the most durable option. 

Best Round Dog Bed

Precision Pet Products SnooZZy

Precision Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic Round Shearling Bed, Teal

If yours is a Pom that likes curling into an adorable ball of fur, you can't go wrong with the Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Round Shearling Bolster Dog Bed, 21-in. This product features a donut shape and measures 21 x 21 x 10 inches. Covered in chenille and featuring bolsters all the way around, it is the comfortable nest your pet will love snuggling up inside. 

Why we chose it

Portable and Easy to Store – The small size of this bed and its lightweight design make it easy to carry from room to room in your house or even bring with you in your vehicle. If you need a bed for a crate or carrier, this one should squeeze pretty well into most. Also, if you need to store it, you can fold it up to save space. 

Comfortable in Any Season or Climate – This dog bed boasts an insulated design. It is breathable enough to not overheat in the summer but does an excellent job holding in warmth during the winter. 

Great Bargain – It is hard to compete with the low price point for this product. If you are on a tight budget, you will be getting a surprisingly high-quality bed. That makes this an impressive bang for your buck. 

Keep in mind

Very Lightweight – From a portability standpoint, the lightweight of this dog bed is a plus. But it can cause some issues from a usage standpoint. When your dog steps into the bed, his weight might cause it to tip. This won’t be an issue for most dogs, but some may be finicky about it. 

Best Tent-Covered Dog Bed for Pomeranians

Frisco Tent

Frisco Tent Covered

Does your Pomeranian like to spend time in enclosed, den-like spaces? Then he may like the Frisco Tent Covered Cat & Dog Bed. For a small dog like your Pom, the medium size measuring 16 x 16 x 14 inches is appropriate. Soft and lightweight, the bed features a convenient little carrying handle at the top, making it easy to relocate throughout your house. 

Why we chose it

Fully Machine-Washable – If you have been trying to find a product you can put in your washing machine in its entirety—not just the cover—this is it.  You should wash it only on a cold, gentle cycle. You can hang it to dry, or you can tumble dry it on low. Afterward, you can pop it back up into its proper shape. 

Ultra-Cozy and Private – Pomeranians that like some private, secluded time to themselves will enjoy being able to hide away in this tent bed. For extra comfort, the tent includes a cushioned pillow. You can remove this if your pet does not use it.

Cost-Effective – This is another low-price item that should fit in just about any dog owner's budget.  

Keep in mind

Color May Not Be Accurate – Although the listing for this product describes it as being “beige,” some people feel it is more closely described as “taupe.” A few even say it is closer to brown. Either way, you will be getting a neutral color that fits well with any décor. 

Best Versatile Dog Bed for Pomeranians

FurHaven Comfy Couch

Furhaven Comfy Couch

The FurHaven Comfy Couch is almost the same design as the Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort Sofa by the same brand that we shared previously. For your Pom, you will want the "small" size that measures 20 x 15 x 6.25 inches.

Why we chose it

Versatile Design – The major difference between this product and the "Velvet Waves" one by FurHaven is that the bolsters wrap around the back to the sides but not from the sides to the front. Instead, the entire front end of the sofa bed is open. This design provides corners to curl up in and room for your dog to spread out more if that is what he prefers. 

Orthopedic Support – This product supports your pet’s joints with medical-grade orthopedic foam. The bolsters offer head and neck support. 

Easy to Keep Clean – There are a few features that make it easy to wash your dog bed. These include a removable cover you can put in your washing machine and a water-resistant poly-canvas base. 

Keep in mind

There Could Be Zipper Problems – The zipper on this product is usually fine, but maybe defective with some units. It could get stuck, or it might tear off. 


You have now had a chance to learn about the pros, cons and features of some high-quality dog beds for Pomeranians. To get one of these comfy beds for your pet, click on any of the links in this article.

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