6 Best Dog Beds for Huskies

Husky resting on a K9 Ballistics dog bed

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Siberian Huskies unite fierce, wolf-like beauty with energetic personalities. They are intensely devoted to their human companions and love to exercise and work.

Even so, Huskies still need plenty of rest. This in-depth guide will explain what is important in a Siberian Huskies' dog bed and introduce you to some of the top Husky dog beds for different sleeping styles and needs.

Why Your Husky Needs the Right Bed

If there is one purchase that is worth investing extra in to ensure a long, healthy, happy life for your Siberian Husky, it is a comfortable dog bed. Here are some reasons why getting the right bed for your Husky is essential:

  • Restful sleep: Think how much better you sleep with a comfortable mattress. Like you, your Husky will sleep more restfully with the proper support. That means he will have more energy during the day.
  • Joint health: While Huskies are not all that prone to hip dysplasia, they can still inherit it. Additionally, as we mention in our guide to brown Huskies, these dogs are energetic and love running, working, and playing. That means that they can be susceptible to arthritis. By keeping your pet's joints aligned while he rests, you can help to bolster joint health throughout your dog's life. An orthopedic dog bed for Huskies can help provide this necessary support.
  • Save your furniture: As discussed by the Husky Education and Rescue Team, “Huskies, especially young Huskies, can cause a lot of trouble when they’re left alone. Being the social creatures they are, Huskies often suffer from separation anxiety and can become destructive when left unattended.” If that describes your dog, giving your pet a spot of his own to rest may help in a couple of ways. First, he is more likely to chew on his bed than on your sofa. Secondly, having a place that feels like his own may help him feel less anxious and stressed.
  • Reduce cleaning: Siberian Huskies are notorious shedders, leaving hairs all over the house. That will always happen to a degree, but at least with a cozy bed, your Husky will shed more in his bed and less on your furnishings. That means you can spend less time cleaning.
  • Keep your dog comfortable, happy, and healthy: Restorative sleep is one of the keys to overall physical and mental well-being. That is every bit as true for Huskies as it is for humans. So, you will be doing your pet a lot of good just by giving him a great bed.

Choosing a Size for Your Husky’s Dog Bed: How to Measure

Now let’s talk about picking the right size dog bed for a Siberian Husky. 

Average height for males: 21 to 24 inches tall
Average height for females: 20 to 22 inches tall

Average weight for males: 45 to 60 pounds
Average weight for females: 35 to 50 pounds

Above are the average heights and weights for male and female Huskies. This provides you with some general guidelines for choosing a bed size. But we suggest that you measure your pet. Follow these steps:

1. Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail to get your pet’s length.

2. Measure your dog’s width by checking the span between the shoulders.

3. Add 6-12 inches. This tells you the ideal dimensions for your dog's bed. Also, ensure you get a product with a thick mattress to support your Husky's weight. 

What Kind of Dog Bed is Best for Huskies?

To choose the ideal husky dog bed, we recommend considering all the following features when comparing products. 

Durable: Huskies are wonderful companions, but there is no denying that they love to chew. They can be incredibly destructive when they are anxious. But they can also tear into fabrics when they are just having a good time. So, look for an extra durable Siberian Husky dog bed. The material, the mattress, the stitches, and the zipper should all be well-made.

Washable: Because Huskies are such energetic dogs, they spend a lot of time exercising—much of it outdoors. You probably already know they can track in a lot of dirt and mud. An easy-to-clean dog bed will be welcome the next time your pet runs into the house with muddy paws. You will also be glad of a removable, machine-washable cover the next time your Husky blows his coat.

Ventilated: Huskies tend to run hot. That means that just as having well-ventilated dog houses is essential, they also need well-ventilated dog beds. The key is to pick a product made out of breathable materials. If you live in a hot climate, you may even want to go for an elevated dog bed for your Husky (we will give you a recommendation further down in this post).

Orthopedic: Siberian Huskies can sometimes develop joint problems, like other dog breeds. While they love to play and exercise, they can sometimes get overly exuberant about it and injure themselves. As they age, those old injuries can sometimes lead to issues like arthritis.

An orthopedic dog bed provides your Husky support to maintain joint alignment and relieve uncomfortable pressure that can result in better sleep, less pain, and more function.

Shape: Does your Husky like to curl up in a ball to sleep, stretch out, or maybe rest his head on your sofa arm? Based on what you observe, you can guess what dog bed shape he will most likely appreciate.

Cost: The cost range for Siberian Husky beds is pretty wide. It may surprise you that there are solid products through most of the price range. We recommend avoiding super cheap products, as they typically do not provide great support or fall apart quickly. But there are many excellent options in the mid to upper range. 

The Very Best Husky Dog Beds Reviewed

Considering the buying considerations above, you are ready to pick out the ideal dog bed for your Siberian Husky. Here are some of our top picks.

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest – Best Overall Dog Bed

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest - 7” Dog Bed for Large Dogs w/Washable Microsuede Cover - Elevated Dog Bed Made in The USA w/ 10-Year Warranty (Headrest, Large, Charcoal)

For a comfortable bed that offers serious orthopedic support, look no further than the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest. The bed is packed with 7” of OrthoMedic foam, a proprietary filling developed by Big Barker. This company’s beds have been tested and proven to enhance joint health and function for dogs in a clinical research study.

Why You’ll Love It: When you put this dog bed to the test, you’ll see just how supportive it is; even a really heavy dog will not sink down to the floor.

On top of that, you will also be thrilled with how durable the removable cover is. The zipper is robust as well, but its placement under the bed makes it hard for your dog to get at it. So, if your Husky is a chewer, the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is a suitable choice that should stand the test of time. 

Things to Consider: While this is a fantastic orthopedic dog bed, one thing to keep in mind is that it is not especially waterproof. This seems like quite an oversight given the bed’s hefty price tag. 

The cover of this bed is made of micro-suede, which is mildly water-resistant thanks to its tight weave. A little bit of drool, for example, is not likely to leak through to the mattress, and you can wipe it off easily. 

If you want the bed to be more waterproof, you will need to purchase a waterproof liner to go underneath the cover, available separately. Considering how expensive the bed is to begin with, it is a little frustrating that this is not included with the base price as part of your original purchase.

Even with this shortcoming, however, this dog bed is an excellent purchase overall, especially for a Husky in need of orthopedic support.

Key Specs

  • Cover: Microsuede
  • Fill:  Proprietary OrthoMedic foam
  • Water-resistant: Cover is water-resistant; waterproof liner available separately 
  • Sizes: L-Headrest (48x30x7), XL-Headrest (52x36x7), XXL-Headrest (60x48x7)
  • Colors: Burgundy, Chocolate, Charcoal, Khaki

2. Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed: Best Cuddly Donut Dog Bed 

Majestic Pet 40 inch Gray Bagel Dog Bed Products

Our top recommendation for Siberian Huskies that love to curl up in a ball is the cuddly Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed. Its donut shape will give your pet that cozy, secure feeling he loves. 

Why You’ll Love It: Your Husky is not the only one who will adore the Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed; you’ll appreciate it too. It is well-made from sturdy materials, and the 300/600 Denier base is waterproof. But if you need to, you can throw the entire bed in a washing machine and dryer.

The polyester fill provides excellent support and holds its shape well. Your dog can rest his head on the bolsters, which will remain fluffy and comfortable through years of use. Did we mention it is also a great bang for your buck? 

Things to Consider: For the most part, this bed is fantastic, but there can be some difficulties cleaning it. There is a seam that loves to trap hair, dust, and debris, and cleaning it out can be challenging. Also, some customers have mentioned there are versions of this bed with and without a removable cover; you will want the one where you can remove the cover for easy cleaning. 

Key Specs

  • Cover: Material not listed
  • Fill:  Polyester fiber
  • Water-resistant: waterproof 300/600 Denier base 
  • Sizes: 24”, 32”, 40”, 52”
  • Colors: Black, Black Velvet, Grey, Blue, Burgundy, Chocolate, Green, Grey Velvet, Khaki, Navy Velvet, Red, Rust, Sage, Stone 

3. Furhaven XL Memory Foam Dog Bed: Best Couch-Style Dog Bed

Furhaven Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Dogs w/ Removable Bolsters & Washable Cover, For Dogs Up to 95 lbs - Sherpa & Chenille Sofa - Cream, Jumbo/XL

If your Husky has a habit of falling asleep on your couch, a couch-style bed of his own may be the perfect answer. The Furhaven XL Memory Foam Dog Bed features three supportive bolsters. Since one side of the bed is wide open, it is easy to get in and out of, which may be helpful for older dogs.

Why You’ll Love It: This bed is easy to customize since you can mix and match covers and fillings. There are two different cover options and three different options for the filling. That means you can get what your pet needs for maximum comfort. 

Note that this bed has no waterproof liner, but you can purchase one separately. The bed cover is machine-washable and easy to remove and put back on.

Things to Consider: If you opt for the Sherpa & Chenille cover, be aware that it can shed. Also, customer service for Furhaven can be a bit hit-and-miss, with some frustrating back and forth at times.

Key Specs

  • Cover: Faux fur & velvet, or Sherpa & chenille 
  • Fill:  Memory foam, orthopedic foam or cooling gel foam
  • Water-resistant: Waterproof liner available (purchase separately) 
  • Sizes: 20" x 15" x 5.5", Medium: 30" x 20" x 6", Large: 36" x 27" x 6.5", Jumbo: 40" x 32" x 8"
  • Colors: Dark Sage, Driftwood Brown, Smoke Grey, Harbor Blue, Coffee, Cream and Orion Blue

4. Yiruka Dog Bed XL: Best Value for the Money

Yiruka XL Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed with Egg Crate Foam, Washable Dog Bed with Removable Cover, Extra Large Dog Bed up to 90lbs

If you want to save on a Husky bed, one great option is the Yiruka Dog Bed, which features a comfy mattress made of egg crate foam and removable memory foam bolsters stuffed inside a soft suede cover. 

Why You’ll Love It: This is a spacious product that is perfect for a dog who likes room to sprawl out but still wants the cozy, secure feeling from bolsters. The egg crate foam is very breathable, which can be helpful if your dog needs to stay cool.

Additionally, you can remove the cover for easy washing. The surface of the foam is slippery, which comes in handy when it is cleaning time; you will not have to labor too hard to remove the cover or put it back on. And thanks to the waterproof inner liner, you can protect the foam from accidents.

You'll also appreciate the anti-skid bottom, which is perfect for hardwood or tile floors. 

Things to Consider: While the mattress and bolsters are comfy, they are not as sturdy as those we have seen in some competing products. Still, that is a minor weakness in a very high-quality product, especially for the price.

Key Specs

  • Cover: Suede
  • Fill:  Egg-crate foam and memory foam
  • Water-resistant: Waterproof inner liner 
  • Sizes: S(26" X 19" X 6.5"), M(33" X 25" X 6.5"), L(36" X 27" X 6.5"), Large(36" X 27"), XL(41" X 29" X 7")
  • Colors: Brown, Grey, Dark Grey, Light Purple, Mint Green, Pink, Rich Blue, White 
K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Elevated Padded Dog Crate Bed Dog Bed, Chew Resistant Indestructible Dog Cot, Large, Medium, Small Sizes for Dogs Who Chew Their Beds Blue Quartz
If you are looking for a seriously tough bed that will stand up to chewing and tearing while also keeping your Husky cool and comfortable, consider the K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Armored Elevated Padded Dog Crate Bed Dog Bed,

Why You’ll Love It: This raised dog bed features a sturdy aluminum frame and a cot-style platform made of breathable rip-stop fabric. It is versatile for indoor or outdoor use and is sized to fit inside a regular folding crate. 

Cleaning the bed is exceptionally fast and easy. You do not have to worry about anything spilling through the fabric either; the waterproof membrane helps to protect your floor from accidents and spills. 

Things to Consider: This is a seriously tough dog bed, but it is not completely impervious to damage. If your Husky is really committed, it is still possible he will successfully chew or tear a hole through it. What's great is that the company offers a 120 Chew Proof Promise. If your dog manages to chew a hole in the bed within that timeframe, they will give you one free replacement bed. 

Key Specs

  • Material: Aluminum and K9 ballistic rip-stop fabric
  • Water-resistant:  Water-repellent finish, waterproof backing
  • Sizes: Large (41" L x 27" W x 5" H), Small (29" L x 18" W x 4.5" H), Medium (35" L x 22" W x 4.5" H), Large (41" L x 27" W x 5" H), X-Large (47" L x 29" W x 6" H) 
  • Colors: Blue Quartz, Obsidian Black, Sandstone

6. K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Nesting Pillow: Best Chew-Resistant Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Nesting Pillow Large Dog Bed - Washable, Durable and Water Resistant Made for Big Dogs, 34"x40", Black

This sofa-style bed is another option if you need something super-tough to stand up to a Husky that chews. The K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Nesting Pillow has a sofa shape with three bolsters but a more "cushioned" look and feel than some other couch-style dog beds. 

Why You’ll Love It: This bed's cover stands up to scratching, tearing, digging, and chewing, while the shredded CertiPUR-US foam interior is comfortable, supportive, and breathable. A water-resistant liner protects the bed, and you can wash the cover in your washing machine. 

Like the other K9 Ballistics product we shared above, this dog bed is guaranteed against chewing damage for the first 120 days. 

Things to Consider: The main thing to be aware of here is that this dog bed is not 100% indestructible, even though it is close. A determined enough dog can still chew through it. The placement and design of one of the zippers make for a weak point in an otherwise excellent bed.

Key Specs

  • Cover: Industrial-strength ballistic nylon
  • Fill:  Shredded foam
  • Water-resistant: Water-resistant lining
  • Sizes: Small (24" L x 18" W x 10" H), Medium (33" L x 27" W x 10" H), Large (40" L x 34" W x 10" H), X-Large (54" L x 38" W x 10" H)
  • Colors: Obsidian Black, Sandstone, Tan, Two-Tone Grey Velvet, Blue, Blue Quartz, Green


Few sights can bring you more joy than watching your Husky resting comfortably in his bed, building up the energy he needs for more exercise and play he loves. Click on any of the links in this post to get your Siberian Husky a supportive, comfortable bed for proper joint support and rejuvenating sleep. 

Featured image: Instagram/k9ballistics

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