5 Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

German Shepherd resting on his Big Barker bed

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Your German Shepherd is your best buddy. And as your devoted companion, this brave and loyal dog deserves the best sleep he can get from a comfortable dog bed.

As large dogs, German Shepherds can be prone to hip or elbow dysplasia or other joint problems. That means getting your pet a bed that supports his joints is essential. 

This guide will introduce you to our top picks for German Shepherd beds in different categories: orthopedic beds, donut beds, couch loungers, and more.

But before we get into the product overviews, let's talk a bit about what you need to know, specifically about choosing a bed for a German Shepherd.

Why It is Important to Choose the Right Dog Bed for German Shepherds

You know what a big difference it can make to pick the right mattress for your bed. A mattress that is ideally suited to your dog's needs can make just as big a difference. 

Here are the benefits of getting a high-quality dog bed for your GSD:

  • Your dog will get better sleep. Getting a full and refreshing night of sleep is just as important for our canine companions as it is for us.
  • With better sleep comes better health. When your dog gets restful sleep, he can function at his best.
  • You can protect your GSD’s joint health. Since German Shepherds are prone to joint problems, it is critical that they sleep on a supportive surface.
  • Your fur buddy will appreciate having his own special spot to rest. Having a bed can help soothe your pet's anxiety and make him feel at home.
  • You can keep your furniture clean. Instead of your dog’s hair getting all over your couch or bed, it will just get on the dog bed cover. You can easily remove most dog bed covers to wash in your washing machine.

Choosing the Right Size – How to Measure

German Shepherd resting on a bed of leaves

German Shepherds are large dogs. Here are their typical measurements:


24-26 inches (male)
22-24 inches (female)


65-90 pounds (male)
50-70 pounds (female)

We recommend measuring your dog to get its exact height and weight. After you get your pet's standard measurements, we suggest taking a second set of measurements when your dog is sleeping (that way, you are taking sleeping posture into account). That number, plus around 6-10 inches, generally is the measurement you need for your dog's bed.

You will notice this means you are normally ordering the "large" size for a dog bed. But sometimes, a manufacturer might label it "medium" or "extra large." That is why you should always use the exact measurements, not just the size name. 

If your dog sleeps in more than one position, make sure you base your choice on the posture that takes up the most room. Also, if you are on the fence about getting one size or another, it is wise to go with the larger size to be safe. Too much room is better than too little. 

Factors to Consider

German Shepherd on a bed

Now that you know how to choose the right size for a GSD dog bed, let's go over other important considerations as you compare products.


We have already talked about ordering the right size of dog bed, but another consideration concerning dimensions is depth. Pay close attention to the length and width of a GSD bed and how thick the mattress is. If a mattress is too thin, your dog might not have sufficient padding on the floor. This could put pressure on your pet's joints. 

A deep mattress will cushion your dog's joints with full, comfortable support. It's especially important if your dog already has joint issues. But even if your pet's joints are healthy, it matters because proper support can help to maintain that health.


Dog beds for German Shepherds come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some beds feature a flat surface with no bolsters. Others may have two bolsters or three, or they might even have a donut shape. 

Pay attention to where your dog currently likes to sleep and his preferred sleeping positions. These clues will help you figure out the ideal shape and style of a bed to buy. 

Materials and Construction

Try and purchase a dog bed that features relatively strong stitches and seams. The materials should be soft and comfortable but also durable and long-lasting. 

If your dog likes to dig or chew, it is crucial to ensure you get a suitably tough bed. If your pet is not destructive, this becomes less important.

You may also want to choose a dog bed with healthy CertiPUR-US-certified foam and hypoallergenic materials (GSDs are prone to allergies).

Orthopedic Features

Because hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis are all common health concerns for German Shepherds and other large dogs, it is wise to invest in an orthopedic dog bed.

Orthopedic beds for dogs feature memory foam or other materials that provide comfortable yet firm support for joints. This support relieves pressure and keeps the joints in alignment, enhancing comfort and protecting joint health over the short and long term. 

Ease of Cleaning

Not only can your German Shepherd shed a lot, but he can track in dirt, mud, and pollen. So, it is helpful to be able to clean his bed easily. A waterproof liner and a removable, machine-washable cover are the key features to look for when it comes to ease of cleaning. 


Most German Shepherds' dog beds are in the $150-$400 range. Some cost more or less than that. So, whatever your budget, you should be able to find a suitable product. Note that you do not necessarily need the most expensive bed in the world to get reasonable quality. The key is to shop for value.

Top 5 Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a bed for your German Shepherd, we can share our picks for the top products with you. 

1. Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Bed - Large - Best Overall

Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Our top recommended dog bed for German Shepherds is the Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Bed in large. This dog bed features a three-sided bolster design. This shape is extremely versatile, accommodating a wide variety of sleeping styles. It is also easy to get in and out, thanks to the front being open. This design makes it suitable for dogs of all ages with various sleeping styles.

You can choose from several neutral colors that fit well with any décor. The bolster bed also features high-quality orthopedic materials and easy cleaning.


  • The orthopedic memory foam conforms to the shape of your dog’s body to support the joints. Only one piece of foam is used in the construction of each bed rather than chopped foam. This ensures even more excellent support.
  • The CertiPUR-US-certified foam is healthy and safe for your pet, and the liner is hypoallergenic.
  • The liner is water-resistant, protecting the mattress, and you can remove it to wash. You can also remove the comfy quilted upholstery to clean in your washing machine, making cleaning easy.

Things to Consider

  • It can be a little tricky to correctly gauge the color of the dog bed from the pictures. Some options can look a bit different than you might expect, so it is best to be a little bit flexible.
  • While the construction overall is good, sometimes some of the stitches can pull loose. So, be mindful if your dog likes to bite or tear.

2. Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed with Pillow-Top - Best Orthopedic with Headrest for Leaners

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest - 7” Dog Bed for Large Dogs w/Washable & Chew-Resistant Microsuede Cover - Elevated Dog Bed Made in The USA w/ 10-Year Warranty (Headrest, Large, Chocolate)

We wanted to include at least one Big Barker product on this list. Big Barker manufactures its dog beds in the USA, which are renowned for their quality. They have even been the subject of a research study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, which found that sleeping on a Big Barker bed can improve the quality of life for a big dog in only 28 days.

The Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed with Pillow-Top features a thick, comfortable therapeutic foam mattress and a single bolster on one side where your dog can prop up his head. You will be impressed with the depth of the foam and the softness of the cover, as well as how effectively this product stands up to wear and tear.

Does your dog stretch out Superman-style? You may want to try out this Big Barker bed as an alternative with no bolster.


  • The therapeutic foam holds its shape well and is backed by a solid 10-year warranty against flattening.
  • You can remove the micro-suede cover and wash it in your washing machine.
  • Choose from four different appealing colors.

Things to Consider

  • This bed lacks a waterproof liner. That means you may sometimes find yourself having to spot-clean the foam.
  • Considering this bed is missing the basic feature above, the price point is a bit high. Overall, it is a high-quality bed and a good investment for your money.

3. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Donut Cuddle - XL - Best Donut Bed for Feeling Safe and Secure

Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Set The Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler Cat and Dog Bed + Pet Throw Blanket Taupe Extra Large 45" x 45"

For the GSD who likes to curl up in a ball to sleep, we recommend the Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Set. This set comes with a donut-shaped dog bed and a matching shag blanket for the ultimate cozy experience. We suggest you get this product in the extra large size, not the large one.

Along with being luxuriously soft and comfortable, this dog bed features high bolsters and quality, long-lasting materials. Something else we like is that a vast range of color options is available. You can go with a neutral shade like taupe, frost, or gray, or choose something more colorful like lavender, cotton candy, or navy.


  • This bed’s vegan shag upholstery is super soft and cozy, which may help anxious pets to relax and rest.
  • The CoziLOFT fibers help this bed to retain its shape over the long term and continue to offer excellent support for your pet’s joints.
  • The bottom of the bed is water-resistant, so you can often just wipe it clean. But when necessary, you can put the bed in your washing machine.

Things to Consider

  • This is not a particularly thick product in the center; your dog might be able to feel the floor through it (that said, your mileage may vary; some of these beds seem thicker than others).
  • The bed can sometimes slide across a hard floor if a rambunctious dog jumps into it or runs over it.
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam, Multiple Sizes/Colors, Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton Cover, 1yr. Warranty

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed sells at a slightly lower price point than some of the other orthopedic beds in this list and is ideal for dogs who like a couch-shaped bed. It does a great job supporting your pet's joints, and the bolsters are perfect for aligning the spine and resting the head. Additionally, it is a durable product backed by a three-year warranty.


  • The polyester/cotton twill filling in the bolsters provides excellent support, and the materials are recycled, making this product eco-friendly.
  • Four inches of memory foam make for a dense, supportive base suitable for dogs with joint problems.
  • The memory foam is safe and healthy Certi-PUR-US.
  • The bottom is non-skid, so it is safe for slippery floors.
  • The cover of the bed includes a water-resistant liner to facilitate easy cleaning. A pair of zipper compartments allow you to remove the cover easily for washing. The cover itself can be safely washed in your washing machine.

Things to Consider

  • The construction of this product is good in general, but there is one weak spot. The fabric on the bottom is soft, so if your dog chews it, it will probably be destroyed. So, this product may not be ideal for really dedicated chewers.
  • After cleaning, it can be challenging to stuff the bolster back in the cover.

5. Furhaven Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede L-Shaped Dog Bed - Jumbo - Best Orthopedic Bed for the Money

Furhaven XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Two-Tone Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise w/ Removable Washable Cover - Stone Gray, Jumbo (X-Large)

Finally, our pick for the best budget dog bed for German Shepherds is the Furhaven L-Shaped Chaise Egg Crate Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed. You will want to buy it in the jumbo size. With bolsters on two sides and the other two sides open, it is easy to get in and out of and ideal for curling up or stretching out.

This product’s only major flaw is a thin, flimsy cover that wears out quickly. Aside from that, all the other features are great. It provides firm, comfortable support and is easy to wash. So, it is a nice bang for your buck.


  • Although the cover is thin, the faux-fur base and the suede upholstery for the bolsters are soft and comfortable.
  • This product provides orthopedic support thanks to the egg crate foam.
  • You can remove the cover and put it in your washing machine.
  • A large selection of colors and patterns is available.
  • Customers say that the support provided by the company is friendly, fast and reliable.

Things to Consider

  • The thin cover of the bed can be easily damaged if your dog chews or digs. Even if your dog doesn’t do a ton of either, it still may wear out faster than you would like.


Whatever way your GSD prefers to sleep, an ideal dog bed is waiting for him. If you are ready to get your dog a cozy spot to rest and enjoy restorative sleep, click on any of the links in this post. 

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